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(hat da jemand Ählichkeit mit Veilchens,....)

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Dreadies färben (how to dy your dreadlocks)

Weil ich des ja schon sehr lange vorhab
und nach zahlreichen selbstversuchen kläglich gescheitert bin
hab ich mich mal per net informiert...

If your hair is a very light blonde then it's really easy. If not, then you have to bleach them first. I have heard of people using regular household bleach, but I have never tried it and I don't think it's a smart idea so I do not recommend it. Go to Wal-Mart or Sally's and get the cheapest hair bleach you can find. I have used Clairol and it worked great. Some bleach will make your hair turn orange, but this one turns you hair a very light blonde. Let the bleach sit in the hair for a while, because you want to make sure you get all the hair, and make sure you squeeze it into the dread when you do it, otherwise the dark hair will show through. Make sure you wash all the bleach out, and wait a day before coloring your hair, because your hair may be very delicate right after you do it. When applying the color, do it the same way you applied the bleach, squeeze it in the dred locks to make sure you get all the hair you can, and make sure you wash all of it out.

D.h. man muss sie erst bleichen
ich hoff mal des überleb ich
hab nämlich nicht immer gute erfahrungen mit internet tips gehabt
naja man kanns ja erst mal an einem dread ausprobieren ,....

lets dread!

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4 o`clock

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Von Kennern empfohlen

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